christmas 2023

Christmas in the Medieval Villages: Lighting the Magic of Christmas 2023

Christmas has arrived and among the alleyways of the picturesque villages around the Torre Alfina Castle, the magic is kindled with a series of unique and engaging events for the entire community.
Table of contents:
  1. Tradition in Torre Alfina
  2. Trevinano for young and old
  3. Markets and street artists in Acquapendente

Christmas 2023: Tradition in Torre Alfina

Let's start close up, from the magnificent village of Alfina Tower. On Tuesday, 26 December, at 9pm, at the former Agraria hall in Piazzale Sant'Angelo, Tombolata 2023 is scheduled, a fun occasion to share moments of joy and conviviality with fellow citizens and anyone else who would like to participate. Delicious refreshments will also be provided.
On Friday 29 December, again at 21:00, the former Agraria hall will come alive with a Karaoke Evening and entertainment provided by 'Louis Song'. An opportunity to test your singing skills and spend a carefree evening in the company of others.

Games for young and old in Trevinano

Twenty-five kilometres from Torre Alfina, the village of Trevinano dresses up for the holidays with many events for young and old. On Saturday 23 December at 15:00, the streets of the village will be animated by the "Grinch" show designed for the little ones, followed by the suggestive arrival of the pipers at 16:00. At 18:30, another show, "Eklissi", will involve adults and children in the streets of the village.
On Tuesday, 26 December, at 9 p.m., the parish church will host the Trasimeno Gospel Choir, for a concert that will provide a unique and engaging atmosphere.
On 30 December, at 5 p.m., it will be the turn of a magic and illusionism show, accompanied by a photographic exhibition telling the tradition and history of Trevinano. All this will take place at the Sala Polivalente of Trevinano.

Markets and artists in Acquapendente

The Christmas 2023 programme of Acquapendente is particularly rich in events. It starts on Sunday, 17 December from 4 p.m., when Acquapendente will be transformed into a real Christmas village. Artistic craft markets and street artists will animate the streets of the town. There will also be a Father Christmas House, attractions for children, inflatables, the Christmas merry-go-round, and projections and laser shows on the town hall. At 5.30 p.m. there will be a performance by the Acquapendente band.
It continues with an appointment on Tuesday 19 December at 21:00, when the Junior Band will perform an exciting Christmas concert. A week later, on Tuesday 26 December at 17:30, the stage is set for a concert by the Municipal School of Music of Acquapendente.
On New Year's Eve, starting at 23:00, the square will come alive with DJ sets to celebrate the arrival of 2024.
Finally, on 6 January, from 4 p.m., the artistic handicraft markets will once again animate the streets of Acquapendente, and at 5 p.m. there will be the traditional descent of the Befana from the Palazzo Comunale.

These are just some of the events not to be missed during the Christmas 2023 celebrations. Picturesque villages and the warmth of Christmas magic will provide an opportunity to experience the joy of the festivities in an authentic atmosphere rich in tradition.

castle legends

Legends, Folklore and Magic of Torre Alfina Castle

Once upon a time there was a castle perched on a hilltop, with an enchanted forest at its foot. It sounds like the beginning of a Disney fairy tale or a fantasy tale, but it is none other than the story of Torre Alfina Castle.

It all stems from a watchtower from the Longobard era known as the Casseroaround which, in the Middle Ages, a castle was built. A centre of power, loved, guarded and almost worshipped by the noble families who reigned there, it was transformed over the centuries to become a majestic Renaissance fortress. One of the most significant moments in the history of the castle is linked to Edward Cahen d'Anvers, who at the beginning of the 20th century restored the castle and the Bosco del Sasseto at its feet, transforming it into a magical private garden, complete with a labyrinth of paths and hidden passages.

Table of contents:
  1. The Village of Torre Alfina
  2. The ghosts of the castle
  3. Folk tales and stories
  4. The mystic Marquis Cahen

The Charm of the Borgo

Today, the castle still watches over the village of Torre Alfina. Developed around the keep of the Cassero, the village is articulated as a typical medieval town with narrow streets, stone houses and atmospheres that seem to catapult the visitor into another era. Its main square offers a spectacular view of the castle and the keep seems to be visible everywhere from the village. The inhabitants have always attributed a Powerful symbolism at the Cassero Tower enough to be associated with witches ('tower of witches, n'dò se va, se vede").

Ghosts of the Castle

Around the Castle of Torre Alfina, circulate various legends and mysteries that contribute to making the place even more fascinating. The most famous is that of the Lady Restless, a spirit wanders restlessly through the rooms and gardens of the ancient mansion. Her identity is unknown, but she seems to be particularly attached to the inner courtyard of the castle, where she has left her indelible footprints. But the historic rooms of the castle seem to offer shelter to another ghost named Generoso. This spirit is described as benevolent but prone to pranks. The villagers claim that during foggy days, Generoso enjoys making the castle invisible from the village, adding a touch of mystery to the surrounding atmosphere.

Folklore of the Enchanted Forest

Local legends also tell of fantastic creatures that populate the paths of the Sasseto Forest. From generation to generation, stories of men turned into werewolves after drinking water from the Fontanella del Lupo, a hollow log always filled with water. There is talk of a witch, mother creator and protector of all woodland creatures. And again, the reason for the area's characteristic moss-covered lava boulders is thought to be the work of devils and witcheswhich with nocturnal rituals prevent the vegetation from growing, creating a unique and mysterious atmosphere in the surrounding forest.

Mystical place for Marquis Cahen

The Castle of Torre Alfina was beloved home of Marquis Edward Cahen who chose the Bosco del Sasseto as his burial place. He had a neo-Gothic mausoleum built there, now called the Fairy Temple. The lanes and paths in the forest were the subject of constant care and attention by the nobleman and his guards. The residents of the village were not allowed access for fear that man might damage this natural jewel. It is said that one day a child was caught by the guards stealing chestnuts and in his eagerness to flee he fell, losing his loot. The next day, the guards came to the home of the little thief with a basket full of chestnuts, kindly offered by the Marquis of Cahen.

Today, the Castle of Torre Alfina is registered in the Italian Register of Historic Houses of Excellence and on 29 September 2023 was awarded the prestigious Golden Crown of Residences d'Epoca. The Borgo since 2007 joined the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. For centuries, the castle, the village and the forest all around have stimulated people's imagination with their unfathomable aura of magic and mystery. The locals themselves are devoted to these places and the enchanted creatures that seem to inhabit them. Visitors cannot fail to be fascinated by the magical mysticism of this hidden gem in the heart of Tuscia.

The Sasseto Forest

Bosco del Sasseto: Discovering the Enchanted Kingdom

A monumental park at the foot of the Torre Alfina Castle where nature and art come together in timeless beauty. A Natural Monument of the Lazio Region since 2006, the Bosco del Sasseto welcomes you in an evocative atmosphere of colours, smells and unforgettable sensations.

Just below the Torre Alfina Castle, an anonymous hidden lane leads into the Monumental Sasseto Foresta jewel of forest diversity unique in the Lazio region. The gardens and forest paths were designed at the end of the 19th century by the French architects Henry and Achille Duchêne, creating the historical garden of the Torre Alfina Castle.

Table of contents:
  1. The origins and formation of the forest
  2. Enchanted trails and biodiversity
  3. Fairies and fantasy settings
  4. Guided tours of the Sasseto Woods

History and Education

The name Bosco del Sasseto is due to the many lava boulders that originated, around 820,000 years ago, from a volcanic cliff of the oldest volcano in Latiumwhose eruptive mouth was located in the area of the present-day castle. Thanks to the quality of the soil, trees grew on this slope and among the boulders that later became centuries old, creating a plant and animal biodiversity which in 2006 led to the forest becoming Natural Monument of the Region of Lazio. The Bosco del Sasseto is still today a unicum with the historic garden of the Torre Alfina Castle, strongly desired by the Marquis Edward Cahen d'Anvers and chosen by him as his burial place.

Emotional Journey through Enchanted Paths

And then you enter the Bosco del Sasseto and are overwhelmed. Here, nature seems to dance to the rhythm of its own secret melody, creating theatmosphere of an enchanted and wonderful world. Centuries-old trees covered in ivy, the damp smell of fresh, soft moss, the scent of elder blossom. And again large hollow trunks, twisted branches that barely let the sun's rays filter through and the ancient lava flow boulders that seem to bow to our passing. A place that attracts, draws attention and strikes all our senses.

The Fairy Temple

As you move ecstatically to the rhythm of birdsong, you are surprised again by the sight of a stone monument, imposing amidst unspoilt nature. It is the Gothic mausoleum of Marquis Edward Cahen, but everyone calls it the Fairy Temple. It stands majestically embraced by the green of the forest, creating a fascinating contrast between human art and natural beauty. You look around and feel like part of a fantasy film. You can't help but imagine an elf or a fluttering fairy beckoning you to follow them, only to disappear soon after.

How to Visit the Sasseto Woods

To have a magical experience in the Bosco del Sasseto, it is necessary to plan ahead. The forest is can only be visited on certain dates and with an accompanying person. Experienced storytellers will tiptoe you through the history and the biodiversity of the forestrevealing secrets that only this enchanted place can offer. It is advisable to contact the Municipality of Acquapendente for up-to-date information on openings and reservations. When you visit the Bosco del Sasseto, you will feel as if you have crossed the threshold of an enchanted kingdom, ready to reveal its secrets to anyone willing to explore them.

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