How to Visit Tuscia Viterbese

Meeting point between Upper Lazio and Lower Tuscany: discover the area's attractions in 3 days!

A stay steeped in nature, art and history that goes from Bagnaia and Caprarola via Bolsena to Civita di Bagnoregio.

La Tuscia viterbese presents an incredible diversity of terrain capable of surprising even the most seasoned explorer and, with a stay of just three days, it will be possible to fill up with nature, history, and excellent food. Two renaissance residences with some of the most beautiful mannerist gardens in the country, such as Villa Lante in Bagnaia and Farnese Palace in Caprarola, or the second sanctuary Christianity's most important Marian, that of Santa Maria della Querciaare just three examples of locations that alone are worth a visit. L'upper Lazio also hosts the world-famous Sacred Wood of Bomarzo (also known as Monster Park), which plays a special role in the world's art scene because of the imaginative and disturbing sculptures scattered along its route, as well as some scenic and natural wonders which welcome thousands of visitors every year: Bolsena, with its imposing fortress and picturesque lake and Civita di Bagnoregio, the city built in a bold and spectacular position above a tuff hill, nicknamed 'the dying city' because of the erosion it constantly suffers from, caused by wind and rain and condemning it to a slow but inevitable fate.
If you still have time, a brief excursion into Umbrian territorywill allow easy access to the very close and beautiful Orvieto to at least visit the beautiful and fascinating Gothic-style Cathedral (with the famous Signorelli Chapel and its Last Judgement) and the characteristic and ingenious St. Patrick's Well.

Attractions of Tuscia Viterbese
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