Food and Wine Itineraries

Follow tasty food and wine itineraries in Latium, Tuscany and Umbria: visit the open cellars!

At least 10 must-visit wine cellars to taste fine white and red DOC wines, not forgetting the rich selection in our wine shop.

La Tuscia viterbese is a land of cheeses, meats, legumes, lake fish (especially eel, whitefish and perch), mushrooms, honey, hazelnuts and oil, but it is also, if not above all, land of wines. Wanting to limit our suggestions to the latter, an itinerary that wants to include the best open cellars in the area cannot exclude stops for exclusive tastings for white wines (EST EST, the legendary DOC wine of Montefiascone, Grechetto, Aleatico, Procanico or Trebbiano toscano, Trebbiano giallo, Malvasia and Roscetto) and red wines (Sangiovese, Merlot, Canaiolo, Violone or Montepulciano) in at least some of these locality:

  • Montefiascone to visit the family's wine cellar Cotarella
  • Blera to visit the cellar Saint Juvenal
  • Castiglione in Teverina to visit the cellars Trebotti and Trappolini
  • Civitella d'Agliano to visit the cellar of Sergio Mottura
  • Trevinano to visit the cellar of Giuliano Salesi
  • Gradoli to visit the cellars of Andrea Occhipinti and theLe Coste Farm
  • Castro Caves to visit the cellar of Antonella Pacchiarotti
  • Vitorchiano to visit the cellar of the Trappist Sisters
  • Nepi to visit the cellar of the Tenuta Ronci

A word of advice? Start from Alfina Tower and our cellar: l'Castle wine shop its selection of fine wines will already amply satisfy your fine palates. If you want to exaggerate, Tuscany and Umbria with their open cellars are really one step away, or, if you prefer, within reach of the goblet!

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