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In the evocative setting of the Torre Alfina Castle, tradition and avant-garde come together in a perfect synthesis. This impressive stronghold is a place where the past joins the present and the futurewith events that respect the rhythms of nature and stand out for their innovation and modernity.

In addition to the traditional guided tours that reveal the beauty and secrets of the historical halls and the renaissance garden, from April 2024 it will be possible to explore the castle with a new perspective thanks to the mixed reality visits via the Castle App. Interacting with avatar and guiding entries of the main historical charactersvisitors will have an immersive experience and parts of the ancient dwelling, normally inaccessible, will become visitable, enriching the narrative journey.

To maintain the link between history, and modernity, the Torre Alfina Castle will soon offer the experience of theEscape Room for business or private eventsas well as a gift shopwhere visitors can choose from a variety of medieval-themed objects, reproductions of weapons and armour, books and postcards, thus bringing home a tangible souvenir of their visit to the Castle.

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