Souvenirs Shop

Choose from many gadgets and gift items and take home a nice souvenir of the castle

A memory that materialises, to take home or as a gift to loved ones.

Whatever the experience inside the castle, be it a guided tour between the halls and the exquisite Renaissance-style gardens or participation in an event, the guest will feel an irrepressible desire to take away a physical memory of that moment. Precisely for this reason, inside the castle you can buy pretty souvenirs and gadgets to take with you or to give to your loved ones. Starting with theofficial clothing such as T-shirts, polo shirts and caps, and from the more common gifts such as water bottles, bags and children's games with a medieval theme, right up to the incredible and faithful reproductions of swords, armour and daggers, to take home as a souvenir of a day spent at Torre Alfina Castle.

Castle Souvenirs Shop
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