Origins and History

Discover the origins of the castle and the transformations it has undergone throughout its history

A place of the soul to which one dedicates passion, time, work, an entire existence.

In the late 1700s, as in the most compelling stories of the past wrapped in mystery, it was a marriage that delivered the castle into the hands of the Bourbon del Monte family, after some five centuries under the protection of the Monaldeschi della Cervara family. In 1880, the estate was then purchased by Edward Cahen D'Anvers, a wealthy Belgian banker who held the title of Marquis of Torre Alfinahe devoted himself to restructuring the manor. The restoration was a colossal work that, under the expert guidance of the Sienese architect Giuseppe Partini, gave the castle the appearance that can still be admired today.

Origins of Torre Alfina Castle
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