The Sasseto Forest

Visit the Fairytale Forest and discover the charms of the centuries-old deciduous forest

In an enchanted forest, wonder makes its way through paths, mosses and trees of every shape.

The Sasseto Forest, a Natural Monument of the Lazio Region since 2006, envelops the suburb and the Castle of Torre Alfina with a mantle of holm oaks, beeches, elms, maples and 30 other species of trees, creating an extremely rich and living undergrowth. Described by National Geographic as the Snow White's forest, this deciduous forest owes its name to the lava boulders pertaining to an ancient volcano, around which ancient trees over 25 metres high and with diameters of over a metre. At the end of the 19th century the Marquis Edward Cahen d'Anverswhose own mausoleum is present within the forest, entrusted Henri and Achille DuchĂȘne with the landscaping of the forest, making it the monumental park which it is now possible to visit throughout the year.

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Sasseto or Fairytale Forest
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