Castles in Lazio to Visit

Discover the most beautiful medieval and Renaissance castles to visit in Lazio between Rome and Viterbo!

Ultra-famous castles and lesser-known fortresses along the roads leading from the capital to the sea and Tuscia.

The castle of Torre Alfinabecause of its geographical location, it can be an excellent starting pointor even transit, of a theme trail which leads you to discover the most beautiful castles in Lazio. Wishing to condense our itinerary due to time restraints, we have limited the list to the castles you meet on the way when you travel from Rome northwards in the direction of Viterbo, our tour may provide for pleasant and breaks for a rewarding and interesting visit at least in these locality:

  • Bolsena to visit the Monaldeschi della Cervara Fortress (Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm)
  • Bracciano to visit the Orsini-Odescalchi Castle (Monday-Sunday 10am-6pm)
  • Canino to visit the Vulci or Abbadia Castle (Tuesday-Sunday 8.30-19.30)
  • Graffignano to visit the Baglioni Castle Santacroce (by reservation only)
  • Ladispoli to visit the Palo Odescalchi Castle (by reservation only)
  • Santa Severa to visit the Castle (Tuesday-Friday 9am-4pm / Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm)
  • Soriano nel Cimino to visit the Orsini Castle (Wednesday-Sunday 10am-7pm)
  • Vasanello to visit the Orsini or Baronial Castle (by reservation only)
  • Vignanello to visit the Ruspoli Castle (Saturday-Sunday 10-13 / 15-17)

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Latium Medieval Castles
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