The Castle of Torre Alfina: all the magic of a prestigious historic residence in central Italy

Immerse yourself within a story, live within its pages, write new ones.

There are places that tell stories. Real places made of marble and stone, where countless lives have been lived and celebrated, their legendary adventures having been left engraved on tall, majestic walls. There are places that, immune to the inevitable passing of time, tell the story of an entire country, so much so that they become the symbol of one.

Then there is the Castle of Torre Alfina, that within in its impressive towers and courtyards, gorgeous terraces and gardens, holds centuries of history, and infinite memories.

In its rooms, today as it was back then, ever new stories and tales still find their own home.

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Come and discover the charm and style of an elegant country residence:
visit a majestic Renaissance castle with mighty fortified walls!

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Come and discover the charm and atmosphere of one of Italy's most beautiful villages strategically located between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany!

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the forest

Come and discover an evocative natural environment that will give you strong emotions: visit the Bosco del Sasseto with its monumental park and deciduous forest!

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Make Torre Alfina the starting point for tourist itineraries in Lazio: discover the suggested routes along the Via Francigena between Siena and Rome!


Organise a wedding, party, meeting, course or any private or corporate event in our castle!
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