Intimate and Sophisticated Ceremonies: The Castle Opens to Minimony

They are called minimony or micro weddings and are a trend that is very much in vogue among many couples, both Italian and foreign. Sharing the most important day of one's life with a very few, select guests, creating an intimate ceremony but still paying attention to the smallest details.
Table of contents:
  1. Refined micro weddings
  2. The enchantment of small ceremonies
  3. The imposing Luzzi Hall
  4. Other corners and the garden

Minimony Refined

Many couples today choose to celebrate their marriage in a reserved manner, with a small and particularly refined ceremony. However, this choice can present challenges, as many wedding venues impose a minimum number of participants, sometimes forcing compromises on the elegance of the event. The Castle of Torre Alfina decided to respond to this need by offering a unique opportunity to couples wishing to pledge eternal love during exclusive ceremonies with a small number of guests, thus realising the dream of a fairytale wedding.

Intimate and Enchanting Ceremonies

Immersed in the evocative beauty of a historic residence and away from the traditional crowded ceremonies, the Torre Alfina Castle happily offers the possibility of organising intimate and elegant minimonies. The bride and groom will have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience in a romantic and atmospheric setting. With customised packages and meticulous attention to every detail, our staff will strive to turn your intimate wedding into an unparalleled experience, making the magic of this dream location accessible to all. Moreover, if you choose a weekday for the ceremony (Monday to Thursday), you can access more favourable rates.

Ennio Luzzi Hall

The bride and groom can choose between numerous picturesque corners within the castle to set up their ceremony, including the sumptuous Ennio Luzzi Hall, considered the main hall of the structure. This space represents an authentic artistic masterpiece steeped in history, the result of centuries of effort to preserve the essence and beauty of the castle. Commissioned in 1600 by the Monaldeschi della Cervara family, the Ennio Luzzi Room was magnificently decorated and frescoed by Cesare Nebbia. Later, in the early 1900s, it underwent an initial restoration by Pietro Ridolfi. Around 1990, Ennio Luzzi assumed responsibility for the restoration of the marks left by his illustrious predecessors, a commitment that earned him the posthumous naming of the hall. This room is ready to welcome newlyweds and their guests in an atmosphere of pure magic, offering an unforgettable experience for the most important day of their lives.

Evocative Corners and Renaissance Garden

In addition to the prestigious Luzzi Hall, newlyweds will have the opportunity to choose between various picturesque corners within the castle or the enchanting scenery offered by the renaissance garden. The latter, a refined Italian garden, enriches the open spaces of the castle and overlooks a breathtaking panorama. Here, the geometries of the hedges, the presence of a fountain with water features, flower beds and a secret garden make it possible to celebrate intimate ceremonies and to organise elegant and refined outdoor wedding banquets.

The Torre Alfina Castle offers a unique opportunity for couples wishing to realise an intimate wedding, without compromising the elegance and sophistication of the event. Ask for more information on how we can help make your minimony a reality, amidst historic halls, Renaissance gardens and the evocative views that hide magical scenery, ideal for creating indelible memories.

business event

The Engaging Fun of the Business Event

The Experiential Training BarCamp 2023 (ETB), held at the Torre Alfina Castle last weekend, was a resounding success. The halls and historic garden as the perfect setting for a corporate event

The Experiential Training has just ended BarCamp 2023 (ETB) theevent business organised by theConnectance Association and dedicated to the methodology of experiential learning. 107 participants including trainers, consultants, company referents, Human Resources managers but also simply curious people interested in the experiential training methodology. A unique, fun and stimulating event, enhanced by the elegant setting provided by the castle.

Table of contents:
  1. The perfect business location
  2. Heritage and the contemporary

The Perfect Business Location

The ambitious aim of the ETB was to promote free thinking, curiosity and the dissemination of experiential education through participatory learning. And thecosy and magical atmosphere of the Torre Alfina Castle created the perfect location in which to achieve the result. The garden of the castle turned into a creative workshop and play became the learning methodology. The historical halls welcomed the cheerful involvement of the participants in the numerous workshops organised. And again, moments of socialisation, buffets and dinnerswere the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the art, stories and mysteries linked to our historic home. The ETB also included an award to honour the workshop with the best feedback. The award ceremony turned into an unforgettable convivial moment sharing and merriment.

Combining History and Contemporaneity

The Experiential Training BarCamp 2023 at Torre Alfina Castle was much more than just a business event. It was a moment in which the our country's historical and artistic heritage and contemporary merged into a single symphony of opportunity. The centuries-old walls of the castle provided a inspiring and meaningful environment to a cutting-edge business event. At the end of this experience, we all take with us not only the knowledge we have gained and the connections we have made, but above all a renewed awareness of the potential inherent in the intertwining of our historical roots and the path to the future.
So we look forward to an even more exciting experience next year.

Castle of Torre Alfina

The Castle of Torre Alfina: A Jewel in the Heart of Alta Tuscia

In the heart of the Alta Tuscia region, in northern Lazio, stands an ancient jewel of history and architecture: the Torre Alfina Castle with its marvellous Renaissance garden. This majestic medieval fortress, whose origins are shrouded in mystery, is a silent witness to the glorious past of the region
Table of contents:
  1. Birth and history of the castle
  2. Centre of political power
  3. Renaissance and transformation
  4. The Contemporary Period
  5. The future of Torre Alfina Castle

The Origins of Torre Alfina Castle

The construction of the Castle of Alfina Tower probably dates back to the early Middle Ages, a period in which the whole of Europe flourished fortified structures with a mainly defensive purpose. They were commissioned by local nobles or lords and placed on hills or heights to allow strategic observation of possible military attacks or plundering by marauders. The birth of active villages around the fortress then allowed commercial activities to flourish. The precise origins of the Torre Alfina Castle remain shrouded in mystery. There is no single name associated with the construction of the fortress, but the First historical annotations can be found in the 'Commentari Istorici'. of Monaldo Monaldeschi della Cervara. These documents testify to the existence of a watch tower, later transformed into a castle during the Longobard reign of King Desiderius in the 8th century.

Strategic Centre in the Middle Ages

The geographical position of Torre Alfina Castle, between the Papal States and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, gave it a key role in the control of important communication routes. The population of Alfina increased dramatically, transforming the village into a centre of considerable political, commercial and cultural significance. The Monaldeschi family, followed by the Cervara branch, gave rise to the Alfina Seigniory, which dominated the region from around 1200 to 1600. During this period, the castle became the fulcrum of their power, gradually incorporating new surrounding lands and villages.

Renaissance Transformation

The Renaissance era was the perfect occasion for a impressive transformation for the Torre Alfina Castle, from a simple defensive structure into a sumptuous stately residence. Thanks to the contribution of local artists, the interiors were enriched with decorations and frescoes and the battlements running around the castle perimeter were softened by a renaissance garden Italian-stylemaking the castle an oasis of beauty and modern culture.

Contemporary Revival

In the second half of the 17th century, and for about two centuries, the Castle of Torre Alfina passed by inheritance to the Tuscan Marquises Bourbon del Monte, who continued to maintaining the prestige of the castle and the village of Alfina. With the unification of Italy and the extinction of the Bourbon del Monte lineage, the castle experienced a rebirth, after being purchased by a wealthy Belgian Jewish banker, Count Edoardo Cahen d'Anvers. Awarded this title thanks to the merits of his father, Giuseppe Mayer, (the only European banker to finance the Risorgimento), in 1885 Edoardo Cahen was named Marquis of Torre Alfina by Umberto I. The new ownership initiated a majestic renovation of the historic mansionaccording to the project entrusted to the Sienese architect Giuseppe Partini.

Present and Future

The Torre Alfina Castle is a living witness to the historical and cultural transformations of the area and still today attracts and fascinates visitors from all over the world. La refined atmosphere of its interior and Renaissance garden with its wonderful courtyards is the perfect wedding location fairy-tale and elegant. It also offers the perfect setting for photo shoots, film and music, bringing to life the traditions and extraordinary historical heritage of Alta Tuscia Laziale.

fairytale wedding

A Dream Wedding: Elegance and Romance at Torre Alfina Castle

A jewel of medieval architecture set in the hills of Alta Tuscia is the perfect setting for a romantic and refined dream wedding. The Renaissance garden, courtyards, breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and the possibility of ending the day in one of the castle's historic rooms. A modern fairytale for an unforgettable experience

Celebrating a wedding in a unique setting is the dream of many bridal couples who desire a special, elegant, unforgettable ceremony. The Torre Alfina Castle will make your wishes come true by offering you the perfect location and impeccable organisation. But how do you organise the most important day in your life? Here is 4 tips for a perfect wedding:

Table of contents:
  1. Establishing the budget
  2. What kind of ceremony to choose?
  3. The details that make the difference
  4. Continuous planning and support

1. The Budget for a Dream Wedding

La advance planning is essential to ensure the success of the event. Once you have chosen Torre Alfina Castle as the location, it is time to planning and establishing a budget. Set a date and determine the number of guests. Figure out how you would like your wedding day to be: decorations, entertainment, catering, photographer. So contact us for a quote and we will help you choose the formula that best suits your needs. Consider the option of hiring a experienced wedding plannercapable of handling all logistical details and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

2. Choose the Type of Ceremony

Civil or religious ceremony? In our castle you can choose whether to celebrate a official civil ceremony or the classic religious ceremony. In the first case, you can take advantage of the wonderful renaissance gardenwith its courtyards and breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, or one of the castle's evocative inner rooms, amidst frescoes and precious woods. For the religious ceremony you will have at your disposal the lovely parish church nearby.

3. Magical Details for After the Ceremony

After the reception, the Torre Alfina Castle offers you a unique privilege. A Suite and two double rooms will be available of those who want to immerse themselves completely in the magic of a medieval castle. Spend an enchanting night among high ceilings, drapery and precious woods. A perfect way to end the most important day of your life, immersed in theatmosphere of this dream castle.

4. Planning and Attention to Detail

The organisation of the Torre Alfina Castle is at your disposal to ensure a careful planning and responsive to your every need. Contact us to discover the proposals that will delight you and pamper your guests: such as a catering with excellent local food and wine, and the Cuban corner. Be sure to experience the enchantment of an unforgettable day, an experience of pure love and elegance.

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