christmas 2023

Christmas in the Medieval Villages: Lighting the Magic of Christmas 2023

Christmas has arrived and among the alleyways of the picturesque villages around the Torre Alfina Castle, the magic is kindled with a series of unique and engaging events for the entire community.
Table of contents:
  1. Tradition in Torre Alfina
  2. Trevinano for young and old
  3. Markets and street artists in Acquapendente

Christmas 2023: Tradition in Torre Alfina

Let's start close up, from the magnificent village of Alfina Tower. On Tuesday, 26 December, at 9pm, at the former Agraria hall in Piazzale Sant'Angelo, Tombolata 2023 is scheduled, a fun occasion to share moments of joy and conviviality with fellow citizens and anyone else who would like to participate. Delicious refreshments will also be provided.
On Friday 29 December, again at 21:00, the former Agraria hall will come alive with a Karaoke Evening and entertainment provided by 'Louis Song'. An opportunity to test your singing skills and spend a carefree evening in the company of others.

Games for young and old in Trevinano

Twenty-five kilometres from Torre Alfina, the village of Trevinano dresses up for the holidays with many events for young and old. On Saturday 23 December at 15:00, the streets of the village will be animated by the "Grinch" show designed for the little ones, followed by the suggestive arrival of the pipers at 16:00. At 18:30, another show, "Eklissi", will involve adults and children in the streets of the village.
On Tuesday, 26 December, at 9 p.m., the parish church will host the Trasimeno Gospel Choir, for a concert that will provide a unique and engaging atmosphere.
On 30 December, at 5 p.m., it will be the turn of a magic and illusionism show, accompanied by a photographic exhibition telling the tradition and history of Trevinano. All this will take place at the Sala Polivalente of Trevinano.

Markets and artists in Acquapendente

The Christmas 2023 programme of Acquapendente is particularly rich in events. It starts on Sunday, 17 December from 4 p.m., when Acquapendente will be transformed into a real Christmas village. Artistic craft markets and street artists will animate the streets of the town. There will also be a Father Christmas House, attractions for children, inflatables, the Christmas merry-go-round, and projections and laser shows on the town hall. At 5.30 p.m. there will be a performance by the Acquapendente band.
It continues with an appointment on Tuesday 19 December at 21:00, when the Junior Band will perform an exciting Christmas concert. A week later, on Tuesday 26 December at 17:30, the stage is set for a concert by the Municipal School of Music of Acquapendente.
On New Year's Eve, starting at 23:00, the square will come alive with DJ sets to celebrate the arrival of 2024.
Finally, on 6 January, from 4 p.m., the artistic handicraft markets will once again animate the streets of Acquapendente, and at 5 p.m. there will be the traditional descent of the Befana from the Palazzo Comunale.

These are just some of the events not to be missed during the Christmas 2023 celebrations. Picturesque villages and the warmth of Christmas magic will provide an opportunity to experience the joy of the festivities in an authentic atmosphere rich in tradition.

Chinese imperial boat

The Chinese Imperial Boat Hidden in the Woods of the Cimini Mountains

Amidst the lush woods of Tuscia Viterbese, there is a place that has the power to transport the visitor to another space-time dimension. This is the Tenuta Sant'Egidio where the remains of the surprising Church of the Holy Trinity guard a precious Chinese Imperial marble boat.
Table of contents:
  1. Where the boat is located
  2. Love for China
  3. Extraordinary meeting
  4. The promise of conservation
  5. Brotherhood and respect between peoples

The Sant'Egidio Estate

La Tenuta Sant'Egidio is a private area of about 130 hectares on the north-eastern slope of Monte Cimino, which has become, by the owners' will, a educational forest. Walking through the woods of the estate you can admire monumental oak and beech trees, caves, springs and rocky outcrops. And then suddenly the remains of the walls of a church, the Holy Trinity, dating back to the 13th century and for centuries a hermitage of monks. Together with what remains of the ancient church a striking and alienating Chinese imperial boat in white marble. But how did this boat get here and why?

The Blessings and Love for China

The Chinese Imperial Boat came to Italy thanks to theItalian entrepreneur-philanthropist Eugenio Benedettifather of Azzurra Benedetti, the current president of the GEA Association from which the idea of the educational forest originated. Eugenio, nicknamed 'the new Marco Polo', was in love with the People's Republic of China and for many years travelled all over the country, contributing to its economic and cultural renaissance. One of his most famous operations was the opening of 34 marble quarries in the Hebei and Honan mountains, which are still operating today, from which he extracted one of the most beautiful marbles in the world. In 1965 Eugenio also had the opportunity to meet theLast Chinese Emperor Pu Yikey character in unravelling the mystery of the Viterbo imperial boat.

An extraordinary meeting

By now demoted to a simple citizen and appointed head of the Gardens of the Imperial Summer Palace in Beijing, Pu Yi commissioned Eugenio to save and restore the boat built in 1865 to mark the 60th birthday of Empress Ci Xi, his mother. The boat is still moored on the Kunming River at Peking Palace. In ancient China, boats were true masterpieces of craftsmanshipused to transport precious goods along the rivers and canals of the vast Chinese empire. The imperial boat was a symbol of respect, power and elegance.

Restoration and Conservation

The conservation operation succeeded and was greatly appreciated by the Chinese government; Eugenio received a gift for his 75th birthday as a thank you for his work, 100 tonnes of white marble composed of 3,000 hand-carved and chiselled pieces. The material was used for build a 1:3 scale replica of Empress Ci Xi's boatas a sign of love from China to Italy. The imperial boat was then placed inside the estate, where Eugenio expressed his wish to be buried when his time comes.

Symbol of brotherhood between peoples

Thus the mystery is explained. The Chinese imperial boat on the Tenuta Sant'Egidio is more than just a monument; it is a homage to brotherhood between different culturesa symbol of peace and cooperation between peoples. But, above all, it is a representation of the love of a son for his mother and of the interconnection between seemingly distant cultures. The marble imperial boat in the heart of Tuscia Viterbese is a precious testimony to historyan indelible memory of great modern characters. A historical memory to be preserved and handed down to future generations.

The Lady Restless of Torre Alfina Castle

The Castle of Torre Alfina seems to be inhabited by the restless spirit of a mysterious lady who wanders the rooms and the garden without being able to find peace. Staff and visitors talk of apparitions and objects that move. And the Ghost Hunters also intervene.

Ancient dwellings are fascinating places in which the lives of mysterious characters and protagonists are intertwined. The majestic Torre Alfina Castle is a place rich in history and, apparently, inhabited by the spirit of a mysterious woman, nicknamed the 'Lady Restless'.

Table of contents:
  1. Evidence of moving objects
  2. Traces of presences in the castle
  3. Footprints in the garden
  4. Ghost hunters on the hunt for evidence

Moving Objects

It all stems from a series of direct testimonies of people who were allegedly witnesses of inexplicable events. The most recent was that of a married couple who had decided to stay overnight in the castle over Christmas. As a member of staff was about to open the door to their room, a crib with a very heavy glass bell on top suddenly shifted about 20 centimetres, crashing to the ground and shattering the bell into a thousand pieces.

Bell Apparitions and Unexplained Footsteps

But the evidence goes back even further. It is said that the staff who worked in the castle during the period of ownership Cahen (late 19th and early 20th century) would have witnessed even more disturbing events. Lilting footsteps in the old servants' corridor on the third level of the castle, without anyone arriving; the servants' call bell ringing inexplicably in the historic kitchen, without anyone having operated it. It even seems that a female figure was seen descending the 19th century staircase leading to the castle's main floor or suddenly materialise near the statue of the violin player.

Indelible Footprints in the Courtyard

And again. In November 2021, the castle gardener notices areas of grassless grass in the courtyard lawn, as if someone walking had left his footprint directly on the earth. Months pass, the grass dries up and only earth remains. The following spring, the grass is lush and green again, except along that mysterious walk, barren footprints that start in a corner of the courtyard and fade into nothingness.

Ghost Hunters speak

The interest aroused by these unexplained events also involved a team of Roman Ghost Hunters. The group installed cameras, a high-sensitivity recorder, a thermal imaging camera and an infrared and ultraviolet camera in the castle rooms. Although they did not record any striking paranormal events, the thermal camera seems to have detected athermal alteration on a chair of the ceremonial hall, although no one was seated there.

Like all historical residences, the Torre Alfina Castle remains a fascinating place full of enigmaswhere history, mystery and folklore intertwine in a unique atmosphere. We therefore look forward to a new manifestation of the Lady Without Peace, in the hope of discovering her identity, her story and thus being able to give her the longed-for eternal rest.

BarCamp 2023

BarCamp 2023: The Creativity of Experiential Learning

Il Castello di Torre Alfina ospita l’Experiential Training BarCamp (ETB), la prima occasione di incontro in Italia dedicata alla metodologia della formazione esperienziale. Si basa sulla sperimentazione di situazioni reali, lo svolgimento di compiti, il gioco e l’azione di ruoli finalizzati all’apprendimento esperenziale ed extra-sensoriale

Nell’ambito degli corporate events organizzati presso il nostro castello, il 29/30 settembre 2023 si terrà l’Experiential Training BarCamp (ETB). Nel panorama delle metodologie formative innovative, l’ETB rappresenta un evento unico e stimolante che si pone l’ambizioso obiettivo di promuovere il libero pensiero, la curiosità e la divulgazione della modalità formativa esperienziale. È rivolto a formatori, consulenti, responsabili delle Risorse Umane ma anche e a chiunque abbia voglia di conoscere tecniche nuove di learning.

Table of contents:
  1. L’apprendimento collaborativo
  2. I premi e le attività in programma
  3. Historical testimony of human ingenuity

Opportunità Unica di Apprendimento

Una delle caratteristiche distintive dell’ETB è la sua filosofia di apprendimento partecipativo. Durante il BarCamp gli spettatori diventano partecipanti attivi, unendosi a una comunità di apprendimento collaborativa. La base del BarCamp è l’intelligenza collettiva: “nessuno sa tutto, ognuno sa qualcosa”. L’obiettivo non è la vendita di prodotti o servizi, ma la creazione e il consolidamento di relazioni tra coloro che operano o usufruiscono della formazione esperienziale.

Attività e Premi

L’ETB offre una vasta gamma di sessioni e attività durante i due giorni di evento. L’agenda comprende aperture plenarie, sessioni tecniche, momenti di socializzazione, cene e persino un’entusiasmante sessione di ETB talk con relatori esperti. Una novità nell’edizione 2023 è l’ETB Awards, in cui i partecipanti possono fornire feedback sui workshop. Alla fine del BarCamp, verrà premiato il workshop che ha ricevuto i migliori feedback.

L’Experiential Training BarCamp è molto più di un semplice evento formativo. È un’opportunità per gli appassionati della formazione esperienziale di condividere idee, esperienze e conoscenze con una comunità aperta e collaborativa. Con una programmazione ricca e variegata, l’ETB 2023 promette di essere uno degli eventi business più stimolanti organizzati dal Castello di Torre Alfina.

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