I am Lillo 2: The Castle of Torre Alfina Iconic Film Location

The Torre Alfina Castle has once again become a film set. The protagonist is the second season of the television series Sono Lillo, with the charismatic actor Lillo Petrolo as the star. Petrolo's statement, 'Let's show the world how beautiful Italy is,' underlines the desire to enhance the historical and artistic heritage of our territory.
Table of contents:
  1. Perfect film location
  2. Not only films and TV series
  3. Commercials and music

Ciak si gira in Torre Alfina

Filming of the second season of Lillo Petrolo's TV series, I am Lilloa production Lucky Red in collaboration with Prime Video. At the centre of the filming is the Castle of Torre Alfina symbol of the Acquapendente hamlet. According to leaked rumours, the new season of I am Lillo will tell stories of ordinary people and will have a more fantasy and fairytale atmosphere. And the Torre Alfina Castle, so fascinating and evocative, fits in perfectly as the perfect location. "Platforms - commented Petrolo - allow an international audience to see how beautiful Italy is and how beautiful its places are“.

Films and TV series

However, the Castle and the Bosco Monumentale del Sasseto are not new to being chosen as location of film and television shoots. In 2015, director Matteo Garrone chose the Bosco del Sasseto as the natural setting for the episodic film "The Tale of Tales. In the forest, the adventures of the King of Stronghold, played by Vincent Cassel and the impressive boar hunting scene took place.
Another production that paid homage to the Bosco del Sasseto is The Knights of Castelcorvo', an Italian series signed by The Walt Disney Company Italy and coming to Disney+ in 2020. The fantastic and adventurous atmosphere of the series found the monumental forest an ideal location for most of the outdoor scenes.

Commercials and Rock Music

But the Bosco del Sasseto was not only the set of film and television productions; it was also the star of some commercials. A short film of Dior's Haute Couture collection, also directed by Matteo Garrone, was able to capture the attention of the famous Sasseto hollow tree, from which, in the short film, two elves emerged.
The music scene also made a stop in Torre Alfina. At the end of 2021 Måneskin, the Italian rock band that won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, chose this location to record the album 'Tether of Wrath vol. 1 at the Mill Recording Studio of Acquapendente. The group also gave residents a mini live in the Tuscia municipalitybringing their powerful rock music to the heart of this fascinating location.

The Castle of Torre Alfina, with its combination of history and beauty, and the Bosco del Sasseto, with its magical aura, have become true icons in the film and music industry. This combination of history, nature and art makes the Torre Alfina Castle and its surroundings not only a location for any kind of artistic expression but also a place that continues to inspire and enchant anyone lucky enough to appreciate its beauty. A treasure of our artistic and cultural heritage that deserves to be celebrated and shared with the world.