Intimate and Sophisticated Ceremonies: The Castle Opens to Minimony

They are called minimony or micro weddings and are a trend that is very much in vogue among many couples, both Italian and foreign. Sharing the most important day of one's life with a very few, select guests, creating an intimate ceremony but still paying attention to the smallest details.
Table of contents:
  1. Refined micro weddings
  2. The enchantment of small ceremonies
  3. The imposing Luzzi Hall
  4. Other corners and the garden

Minimony Refined

Many couples today choose to celebrate their marriage in a reserved manner, with a small and particularly refined ceremony. However, this choice can present challenges, as many wedding venues impose a minimum number of participants, sometimes forcing compromises on the elegance of the event. The Castle of Torre Alfina decided to respond to this need by offering a unique opportunity to couples wishing to pledge eternal love during exclusive ceremonies with a small number of guests, thus realising the dream of a fairytale wedding.

Intimate and Enchanting Ceremonies

Immersed in the evocative beauty of a historic residence and away from the traditional crowded ceremonies, the Torre Alfina Castle happily offers the possibility of organising intimate and elegant minimonies. The bride and groom will have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience in a romantic and atmospheric setting. With customised packages and meticulous attention to every detail, our staff will strive to turn your intimate wedding into an unparalleled experience, making the magic of this dream location accessible to all. Moreover, if you choose a weekday for the ceremony (Monday to Thursday), you can access more favourable rates.

Ennio Luzzi Hall

The bride and groom can choose between numerous picturesque corners within the castle to set up their ceremony, including the sumptuous Ennio Luzzi Hall, considered the main hall of the structure. This space represents an authentic artistic masterpiece steeped in history, the result of centuries of effort to preserve the essence and beauty of the castle. Commissioned in 1600 by the Monaldeschi della Cervara family, the Ennio Luzzi Room was magnificently decorated and frescoed by Cesare Nebbia. Later, in the early 1900s, it underwent an initial restoration by Pietro Ridolfi. Around 1990, Ennio Luzzi assumed responsibility for the restoration of the marks left by his illustrious predecessors, a commitment that earned him the posthumous naming of the hall. This room is ready to welcome newlyweds and their guests in an atmosphere of pure magic, offering an unforgettable experience for the most important day of their lives.

Evocative Corners and Renaissance Garden

In addition to the prestigious Luzzi Hall, newlyweds will have the opportunity to choose between various picturesque corners within the castle or the enchanting scenery offered by the renaissance garden. The latter, a refined Italian garden, enriches the open spaces of the castle and overlooks a breathtaking panorama. Here, the geometries of the hedges, the presence of a fountain with water features, flower beds and a secret garden make it possible to celebrate intimate ceremonies and to organise elegant and refined outdoor wedding banquets.

The Torre Alfina Castle offers a unique opportunity for couples wishing to realise an intimate wedding, without compromising the elegance and sophistication of the event. Ask for more information on how we can help make your minimony a reality, amidst historic halls, Renaissance gardens and the evocative views that hide magical scenery, ideal for creating indelible memories.