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Christmas in the Medieval Villages: Lighting the Magic of Christmas 2023

Christmas has arrived and among the alleyways of the picturesque villages around the Torre Alfina Castle, the magic is kindled with a series of unique and engaging events for the entire community.
Table of contents:
  1. Tradition in Torre Alfina
  2. Trevinano for young and old
  3. Markets and street artists in Acquapendente

Christmas 2023: Tradition in Torre Alfina

Let's start close up, from the magnificent village of Alfina Tower. On Tuesday, 26 December, at 9pm, at the former Agraria hall in Piazzale Sant'Angelo, Tombolata 2023 is scheduled, a fun occasion to share moments of joy and conviviality with fellow citizens and anyone else who would like to participate. Delicious refreshments will also be provided.
On Friday 29 December, again at 21:00, the former Agraria hall will come alive with a Karaoke Evening and entertainment provided by 'Louis Song'. An opportunity to test your singing skills and spend a carefree evening in the company of others.

Games for young and old in Trevinano

Twenty-five kilometres from Torre Alfina, the village of Trevinano dresses up for the holidays with many events for young and old. On Saturday 23 December at 15:00, the streets of the village will be animated by the "Grinch" show designed for the little ones, followed by the suggestive arrival of the pipers at 16:00. At 18:30, another show, "Eklissi", will involve adults and children in the streets of the village.
On Tuesday, 26 December, at 9 p.m., the parish church will host the Trasimeno Gospel Choir, for a concert that will provide a unique and engaging atmosphere.
On 30 December, at 5 p.m., it will be the turn of a magic and illusionism show, accompanied by a photographic exhibition telling the tradition and history of Trevinano. All this will take place at the Sala Polivalente of Trevinano.

Markets and artists in Acquapendente

The Christmas 2023 programme of Acquapendente is particularly rich in events. It starts on Sunday, 17 December from 4 p.m., when Acquapendente will be transformed into a real Christmas village. Artistic craft markets and street artists will animate the streets of the town. There will also be a Father Christmas House, attractions for children, inflatables, the Christmas merry-go-round, and projections and laser shows on the town hall. At 5.30 p.m. there will be a performance by the Acquapendente band.
It continues with an appointment on Tuesday 19 December at 21:00, when the Junior Band will perform an exciting Christmas concert. A week later, on Tuesday 26 December at 17:30, the stage is set for a concert by the Municipal School of Music of Acquapendente.
On New Year's Eve, starting at 23:00, the square will come alive with DJ sets to celebrate the arrival of 2024.
Finally, on 6 January, from 4 p.m., the artistic handicraft markets will once again animate the streets of Acquapendente, and at 5 p.m. there will be the traditional descent of the Befana from the Palazzo Comunale.

These are just some of the events not to be missed during the Christmas 2023 celebrations. Picturesque villages and the warmth of Christmas magic will provide an opportunity to experience the joy of the festivities in an authentic atmosphere rich in tradition.


I am Lillo 2: The Castle of Torre Alfina Iconic Film Location

The Torre Alfina Castle has once again become a film set. The protagonist is the second season of the television series Sono Lillo, with the charismatic actor Lillo Petrolo as the star. Petrolo's statement, 'Let's show the world how beautiful Italy is,' underlines the desire to enhance the historical and artistic heritage of our territory.
Table of contents:
  1. Perfect film location
  2. Not only films and TV series
  3. Commercials and music

Ciak si gira in Torre Alfina

Filming of the second season of Lillo Petrolo's TV series, I am Lilloa production Lucky Red in collaboration with Prime Video. At the centre of the filming is the Castle of Torre Alfina symbol of the Acquapendente hamlet. According to leaked rumours, the new season of I am Lillo will tell stories of ordinary people and will have a more fantasy and fairytale atmosphere. And the Torre Alfina Castle, so fascinating and evocative, fits in perfectly as the perfect location. "Platforms - commented Petrolo - allow an international audience to see how beautiful Italy is and how beautiful its places are“.

Films and TV series

However, the Castle and the Bosco Monumentale del Sasseto are not new to being chosen as location of film and television shoots. In 2015, director Matteo Garrone chose the Bosco del Sasseto as the natural setting for the episodic film "The Tale of Tales. In the forest, the adventures of the King of Stronghold, played by Vincent Cassel and the impressive boar hunting scene took place.
Another production that paid homage to the Bosco del Sasseto is The Knights of Castelcorvo', an Italian series signed by The Walt Disney Company Italy and coming to Disney+ in 2020. The fantastic and adventurous atmosphere of the series found the monumental forest an ideal location for most of the outdoor scenes.

Commercials and Rock Music

But the Bosco del Sasseto was not only the set of film and television productions; it was also the star of some commercials. A short film of Dior's Haute Couture collection, also directed by Matteo Garrone, was able to capture the attention of the famous Sasseto hollow tree, from which, in the short film, two elves emerged.
The music scene also made a stop in Torre Alfina. At the end of 2021 Måneskin, the Italian rock band that won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, chose this location to record the album 'Tether of Wrath vol. 1 at the Mill Recording Studio of Acquapendente. The group also gave residents a mini live in the Tuscia municipalitybringing their powerful rock music to the heart of this fascinating location.

The Castle of Torre Alfina, with its combination of history and beauty, and the Bosco del Sasseto, with its magical aura, have become true icons in the film and music industry. This combination of history, nature and art makes the Torre Alfina Castle and its surroundings not only a location for any kind of artistic expression but also a place that continues to inspire and enchant anyone lucky enough to appreciate its beauty. A treasure of our artistic and cultural heritage that deserves to be celebrated and shared with the world.

wedding dress

Wedding Dress Trends 2024

As the year comes to an end, numerous fashion shows and bridal fairs have shown us what the trends for 2024 will be in terms of bridal gowns and more. First and foremost, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, one of the most eagerly awaited events in the sector, where many world-famous brands have decided to bring their gowns to the catwalk, marking once and for all what will certainly be the bridal trends 2024.

Table of contents:
  1. No to excess, yes to elegance
  2. A luminous bride
  3. Style and practicality
  4. Change of clothes with dual-dress

Less Volume, More Elegance

A key role in the success of a perfect marriage is the choice of wedding dress. One of the most obvious trends for wedding dresses in 2024 is the volume reduction. Many of the creations that will be on trend are characterised by cleaner, tighter lines with a focus on enhancing the silhouette of the bride. Goodbye to excessive layers of tulle and wide skirts, next year promises to be the year of simplicity and elegance.
Brands such as Yolancris, Jesús Peiró, Isabel Sanchis and Sophie et Voilá are promoting this trend with dresses from the straighter lines, petticoat cuts, sheath dresses, empire dresses and more sober lines. The aim is to bring out the bride's natural beauty, putting her figure in the foreground.

Dresses with Diamonds: A Bright Continuation

Started in 2023, the trend of bridal gowns with diamonds will be further consolidated in 2024. Brides will literally be sparkling stars on their special day. Designers are making dresses with shiny fabrics or completely covered with sparkling stones, from the largest to the smallest. Luxury and opulence are sure to take centre stage. These wedding dresses become true jewels, putting the bride at the centre of attention and creating a magnet effectno one can take their eyes off her. Shimmering gowns feature glittering details on bodices, skirts, veils, sleeves, capes and even the train. This trend is perfect for brides getting married in the evening or in sumptuous locations such as historical residences or villas with a sea view.

Mini Dress and Party Dress: The Bride Dresses with Style and Comfort

Short wedding dresses are nothing new in the bridal world, but in the coming year they will play an even more central role. Many fashion houses are proposing short dresses, some just above the knee and others true mini-dresses. This year's special feature is the train at the back, which can be attached and detached as required, creating a double look that suits different stages of the wedding. From Yolancris, with its bold mini-dresses, to Jesús Peiró who adds tulle details to skirts, to The Atelier, Elie Saab, Demetrios, Nicole Couture and Woná Concept, all are proposing short wedding dresses with a modern, sensual and lively cut. These 'party dresses' are ideal for young, determined brides who want to feel like queens on their day without sacrificing comfort.

Dual-Dress: Effortless Changing of Dresses

And speaking of comfort, the trend that won't go away is the dual-dress. Many designers are creating clothes with detachable skirts, allowing the bride to make a unique dress change without necessarily having to buy two different models. Generally, the removable tail is made of tulle, but there is no shortage of fully feathered models or very wide ones covered with ruffles. Imagine wearing thefull dress at the ceremony and then to remove the back train during the reception or the final party, so you can show off your mermaid dress in all its splendour. This smart and versatile choice will allow you to fully enjoy every moment of your wedding.

2024 will be a year of great creativity and diversity in the world of wedding dresses. So, if you are planning your wedding for next year, remember to keep these trends in mind when choosing your dream dress. Whether you prefer simplicity, glitz or a festive look, there is sure to be a dress that will make your beauty shine on the most important day of your life.

business event

The Engaging Fun of the Business Event

The Experiential Training BarCamp 2023 (ETB), held at the Torre Alfina Castle last weekend, was a resounding success. The halls and historic garden as the perfect setting for a corporate event

The Experiential Training has just ended BarCamp 2023 (ETB) theevent business organised by theConnectance Association and dedicated to the methodology of experiential learning. 107 participants including trainers, consultants, company referents, Human Resources managers but also simply curious people interested in the experiential training methodology. A unique, fun and stimulating event, enhanced by the elegant setting provided by the castle.

Table of contents:
  1. The perfect business location
  2. Heritage and the contemporary

The Perfect Business Location

The ambitious aim of the ETB was to promote free thinking, curiosity and the dissemination of experiential education through participatory learning. And thecosy and magical atmosphere of the Torre Alfina Castle created the perfect location in which to achieve the result. The garden of the castle turned into a creative workshop and play became the learning methodology. The historical halls welcomed the cheerful involvement of the participants in the numerous workshops organised. And again, moments of socialisation, buffets and dinnerswere the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the art, stories and mysteries linked to our historic home. The ETB also included an award to honour the workshop with the best feedback. The award ceremony turned into an unforgettable convivial moment sharing and merriment.

Combining History and Contemporaneity

The Experiential Training BarCamp 2023 at Torre Alfina Castle was much more than just a business event. It was a moment in which the our country's historical and artistic heritage and contemporary merged into a single symphony of opportunity. The centuries-old walls of the castle provided a inspiring and meaningful environment to a cutting-edge business event. At the end of this experience, we all take with us not only the knowledge we have gained and the connections we have made, but above all a renewed awareness of the potential inherent in the intertwining of our historical roots and the path to the future.
So we look forward to an even more exciting experience next year.

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