The Etruscan Pyramid in the Heart of the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo

The small town of Bomarzo in the province of Viterbo is famous for its Parco dei Mostri, a magical and enigmatic place that attracts visitors from every corner of the world. But among the foliage of the thick vegetation that surrounds the park hides an even more mysterious and fascinating secret: the Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo, also known as the 'Preacher's Stone'.
Table of contents:
  1. The glorious Etruscan civilisation
  2. Discovery in 1911
  3. Hero Salvatore Fosci
  4. A walk in nature

Clear traces of the Etruscan civilisation

Nestled in the woods of Tuscia, in the Tacchiolo area, the Etruscan Pyramid can be reached from the Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo. It is located in a context rich in artefacts from the Etruscan and prehistoric eraenveloped by what is called the Sacred Forest. Walking along paths that wind between cave dwellings, megalithic rocks, altars and places of worshipone is confronted with an authentic oasis of history and mystery. Even a ancient early Christian cemetery lurks nearby, adding further layers of fascination and enigma to this region steeped in thousands of years of history.

The Discovery of the Etruscan Pyramid

Discovered back in 1911, this extraordinary pyramid has long remained in the shadows, escaping the attention of official archaeology. It is a  imposing structure, approximately 10 metres highwith its steps that ifmends ascending towards the sky. Its truncated pyramid shape is reminiscent of the religious altars of the Maya culture. But its dating, like its true nature, remains shrouded in mystery. Its original function is still the subject of speculation and theories that fascinate fans of history, and archaeology. But the thrill of seeing it emerge from the shadows of the forest is indescribable, as if time stood still before this tangible testimony to a past yet to be revealed.

The Past Comes to Light

From the day of its discovery, for a long time the Etruscan Pyramid remained in a state of total abandonment. Only since 2008 has the pyramid tbrought to light thanks to the dedication of a local resident, Salvatore Fosci. For years, Salvatore has dedicated himself to cleaning the vegetation and maintaining the paths leading to this mysterious place, while also activating a ambitious promotional work to publicise the Pyramid of Bomarzo to the whole world. Thanks to him, it is now possible to visit this masterpiece carved in peperino stone that has spanned more than two millennia of history to make us feel part of the civilisations that preceded us.

Route through nature

The route to the Etruscan Pyramid is anything but easy, but it is full of charm and adventure. These are the site coordinates: 42° 30′ 17″ North and 12° 15′ 60″ East. The main entrance to La tagliata delle Rocchette is the starting point, and from there, through woods and paths, you walk for about 400 metres until you reach the double uphill signpost in the trees. It is here that the Etruscan Pyramid unveils its grandeurwith its two flights of stairs leading up to the high altar, where the Etruscan priest perhaps once offered rites to the gods of the underworld.